Zygadenus sibirica



Perennial herbaceous low plant with whitish-green flowers. Bulb oblong-ovate with black-brown remnants of leaves. The stem is erect, simple, 20-80 cm high, the leaves are concentrated in the lower part of the stem, linear, pointed, tapering towards the base. The flowers are collected in inflorescences, forming a loose racemose panicle.

Distributed throughout Siberia and the Far East. It grows in thick forests, in shrubs and less often in dry meadows.

Plants are used for medicinal purposes. This plant is similar to sabadilla and is used as an equal to it for head and pubic lice. As a distracting, analgesic – for rheumatism, neuralgia (ointment).


Tincture: 50%. Decoction: 5 g per 200 ml.

Zygadenus sibirica and the similar species Zygadenus elegant can replace the imported sabadilla.

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