ZAMANIHA (Echinopanax high)


Low shrub up to 1 m high with light gray bark, strongly prickly. The rhizome is superficial, thick, long, with a few thin roots. The stems are straight, densely needle-subulate, slightly branching. The leaves are alternate, long-petiolate, rounded in outline, with a heart-shaped base, five-seven-lobed, with sparse ciliated teeth along the edge, hollow, dark green and shiny above, dull, lighter below. Petioles of leaves, axes of inflorescences and pedicels – with spines. The flowers are greenish, five-membered, small, collected in a brush of umbrellas; stamens 5, ovary inferior. The fruit is fleshy with 2 seeds. Blossoms in June-July, fruits ripen in August-September.

It occurs in the undergrowth of coniferous (spruce-fir and fir) and birch forests, sometimes on open rocky scree and high mountain areas. Distributed in Russia in the Far East, in the southern part of Primorsky Krai.

Medicinal raw materials are rhizomes with roots. The rhizomes are collected in spring or autumn. Dug out rhizomes are shaken off the ground, washed in cold water, cut into pieces up to 10-15 cm long and dried in the shade in the air or in a dryer. Store in boxes with lids. Storage period up to 3 years.

In its composition, the roots and rhizomes of zamanihi contain saponins, traces of alkaloids and glycosides, essential oil up to 1.8%.

Zamaniha has long been known in folk medicine as a tonic. Its preparations have a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, reduce elevated blood sugar levels in the initial stages of diabetes mellitus, increase in small doses, lower blood pressure in large doses, and significantly increase diuresis. An alcohol tincture is prepared from the plant, it is applied inside in drops. The drug has low toxicity, but with prolonged use, urticaria and the manifestation of other skin complications are possible.

Tincture of lure is prescribed for physical and nervous fatigue, fatigue, reduced work capacity, sexual impotence, heart failure, hypotension, depressive and asthenic conditions, stage I diabetes mellitus.


Tincture: 30 g of crushed root insist in 100 ml of alcohol or 200 ml of vodka in a warm dark place for 7-10 days; take 30-40 drops 3 times every day.

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