Zaliznyak prickly – prickly zopnik

Prickly zaliznyak (Phlomis pungens); goat zaliznyak, gostrokintsevy zaliznyak; prickly prickly


Bagatorichna herbaceous roslina, the motherland of lipflowers. The stem is herbaceous, chotirigranne, upright, bilopoviste, galusiste, 30-80 cm whorls. Leaves are opposite, species are lanceolate or species are ovoid, downwards – fine gray-powdery; lower – dovgo-petiolate, upper – sessile. The tickets are wrong, rozhevі, zіbranі in three — desyatkovіtkovі kіltsya. Plіd – h chotiriokh gorіshkіv. The color of the chervni is linden.

Width. Growth in the steppe areas and stony hills near the forest part of Lisostep and in Stepa.

Sirovina. For the preparation of likiv vicorist grass, pick up the hour of the bloom of the flood.

Roslin is unofficial .

Chemical warehouse will require registration . It seems that the grass will avenge the ethereal oliya.

Pharmacological power and victory . It has been experimentally proven that the herb of the prickly aliznyak calls out the significant sound of the vessels. No toxic germs were found. How to witness M.I. Solomchenko on the basis of clinical warnings, with a three-fold infusion of the infusion of the larvae, they are ill for chronic gastritis, the acidity of the mucus juice is normalized in them (in case of secretory deficiency, the acidity of the juice increases, and the acidity decreases, the acidity decreases); In folk medicine, vicorista grows with bronchitis, inflamed tuberculosis, lung disease, undercrowding, swelling and dropsy, hemorrhoids and malaria and with sudomy in children.

Medical forms and zastosuvannya.

Internally – infusion of herbs (2-4 tablespoons of herbs per 400 ml of okrop ) for a day;

tincture of herbs (10 g of syrovin per 100 g of bitters, infuse for 8-10 days), 1 tablespoon of trich per day;

languish the grass of the prickly aliznyak with water until the thick mass is thickened, dilute it with half milk and drink it with zucr in case of tuberculosis

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