Blue honeysuckle – blue honeysuckle

Blue honeysuckle (Lonicera caerulea); blue honeysuckle


Not high (up to 35 cm of the crown) upright bush of the birthplace of honeysuckle. Leaves are opposite, entire, entire, geno-elliptic or ovate-doubly, pointed or blunt, rounded base, rosy hairy. Young chicks and flowers are also pubescent. The tickets are double, five-sided, irregular, with a tubular-liykovid vein of a yellowish-white color. Plid – berry, bluish-black, with a gray veil, natural. Flowers in herbs – chervni.

Width. Growth on the upper border of the forest in the Carpathians. Sometimes they vibrate like decorative roselin.

Sirovina . With a jubilant method of vicorist, the berries were killed.

Roslin is unofficial .

Chemical warehouse . Berries are free from organic acids (malic, citric and others), flavonoids, ascorbic acid, pectin, zucrite and mineral salts.

Pharmacological power and victory. In folk medicine, vicory berries are used for hypertension, disorders of the intestinal tract, against malaria. Inkoli zastosovuyut with watery. Keep the berries fresh, they can also cook jam, sour, or just add them to tea.

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