Iris, or iris

Iris – Iridaceae.

Pharmacy name: violet root (iris rhizome) – Iridis rhizoma (formerly: Rhizoma Iridis).

Botanical description. Perennial herbaceous plant 30-100 cm in height, with well-developed xiphoid leaves and peduncles, bearing numerous large flowers in the upper part: white, lilac, purple. Our garden irises are very close to them. Homeland – Southern Europe; cultivated also in Africa and in Russia.

Active ingredients: essential oil, flavonoids, sugars, starch, mucus, resin, tannins.

Application. Serves as an integral part of tooth powder, powder and cough teas. In homeopathy, it is used for migraine, sciatica and gastric diseases with colic. Peeled pieces of rhizome are called “tooth root” and are given to chew to children during teething. For hygienic reasons (possible introduction of viruses), this should not be done.

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