Zherukha girka – bitter core

Watercress gіrka (Cardamine amara); homeland of Cabbage (Brassicaceae), or Chrestotsvitih (Cruciferae); core bitter


Zherukha is a garna of roslin, grabbing, not too high, with the lower greenery of small leaves. Tse herbaceous bagatorichnik with above-ground pagons. Stem borozenchaste, sparsely pubescent at the lower part of the chile, folds 20-40 cm. The lower leaflets are sessile, the lower ones are sounded into a short petiole; stalks – dovgast, kutast-teeth. Kvіti dvostatevі, correct, dosit big, zbranі at the shield-like kititsa. The pelyusts were white, and the pilyaki of the chicks are violet, the flowers of which the flowers make a buzzy breeze. Flowering in grass-chervni. Plaid – a pod, straight-backed, on the bottom, with a thin awl-like nose.

The growth of watercress in the wild near water places: in swamps, flooding bows, near willows, along the shores of lakes and rivers. Trapplyaetsya rozsіyano throughout the territory of the non-chernozem smuga of Russia, in Ukraine it grows on Polissya and beer forest-steppe zone.

Zherukha є at once and likarskoy, і grub dew. Її leaves and fresh sik vicorist only in folk medicine. The leaves contain the glycoside cochlearin, ethereal olium hydroxide and ascorbic acid.

The watercress stagnates at the sight of fresh juice and lettuce from a young leaf. They live for polypshennia etching, treatment of anemia as a sechogenous, blood-purifying and stimulating zasib. On the surface – roslin is a miraculous dzherel of vitamins.

Zhirka girka is a honey plant, but the amount of honey, selected from it by bjolami, is small – about 30 kg from 1 hectare.

Fresh sik. 25-100 g per dose.

Salad with young leaves. Porezanu boiled potatoes sip cibula and watercress leaves, add strength and spices, mix, season with tops or mayonnaise. To prepare a salad, take 100 g of young dried watercress leaves, 100 g of boiled potatoes, 20 g of cibula, 20 g of mayonnaise, sil, ocet, black pepper for relish.

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