Ephedra bicolos



Ephedra distachya L.

Homeland of Efedrovo – Ephedraceae


How do you look? Kushch, up to 1 m zavviski, with high rhizomes. The stalk is short, yellow-green bellies, piznish siri, razkidisty, finely ribbed, inter-vuzlya – up to 3 cm zadovka. Leaves are reduced, luskopodіbnі, soldered in cylindrical fluff. Roslina is dioecious. Human cones sit at the nodes, stems 3-4 and more. A human bump is formed from the column, at the top of which it develops into 2 to 8 two-chotiring microsporangia, from which microspores (files) are established.

Female cones also sit at the nodes of the stem in a quantity of 2-4. The skin of them is formed from only one single rudiment, which is reminiscent of the same veneer from the luscious, fleshy leaves of the Woman’s cones in the reached state of the bush, red, 6-7 mm zavdovka, berry-like.

De growth? On the seaside and steppe slopes, on the pivdni of Lysostep and in the Crimea.

What and when to take? For example, lettuce green stems (grass).

When to stall? How zasіb, scho pushing the blood pressure and tone the sympathetic nerve; with allergic diseases, such as bronchial asthma, sleeplessness, kropivyanka; with chronic bronchitis, emphysema legenia, with severe opium, scopolamine, drugs. Additional dose: steam from 12 g of dry herb in 1 glass of okrop.

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