Esparcet pishchany – sandy esparcet

Name: Esparcet pishchany – sandy sainfoin

Esparcet pishchaniy (Onobrychis arenaria); hare pea; sandy sainfoin


Bagatorichna grassy roslina, the homeland of legumes. Stems are numerous, upright, 30-70 cm inflorescences. Leaves are folded pinnate, lower ones – from 6-12 pairs of elliptical or dovgasto-linear leaves. The tickets are two-stated, incorrect, in old kits. The vinochok is bright violet, with dark males, 8-10 mm long. Plіd – bіb, sіtchastо-wrinkled. Blossom in red-linden.

Width. Growth in the western part of Lisostep on dry onions, knots, on chagars.

Sirovina. Vikoristovuyut all the above-ground part and root. Grass is harvested at the hour of blooming growth; root – autumn. Not prepared and not allowed by pharmacies.

The chemical warehouse is weakly twisted . Roslin should be included in carbohydrates (9.6%), proteins (4.4%), fat (1.5%), cellular tissue (5.4%), vitamins, ash speech (4.6%) thinly.

Vikoristannya. In folk medicine, nastіy and herbal remedies, or roots, live in case of state weakness in people.

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