Norway Spruce (European Smereka)


Well-known coniferous tree. For medicinal purposes, buds, resin and needles are used.

In folk medicine, a decoction of the kidneys is drunk for pulmonary tuberculosis. The resin obtained by cutting is digested with pork fat, wax is added for a harder consistency, and the ointment thus obtained is used for furunculosis; paws of spruce are boiled with salt and baths are made for sciatica; resin is used for various abscesses.


A vitamin drink is prepared from the needles, which is taken to prevent scurvy and increase the body’s resistance to adverse environmental conditions. It is especially useful in winter, when the content of ascorbic acid increases sharply compared to the summer period. A sample of needles at the rate of 25-30 g per person is washed every day in cold water and dipped in boiling water, taken five times as much to the needles. Boil in a closed porcelain or enamel bowl for 20 minutes in winter and 40 in summer. The mixture is filtered through gauze or cloth, flavored with sugar, fruit drink or cabbage pickle to improve the taste, bottled and drunk in a glass every day in 2-3 doses.

You can prepare a vitamin infusion: pour washed and chopped needles with a triple amount of boiled water and leave for 2-3 hours.

People use a decoction of young branches and cones, drink with scurvy, dropsy, all kinds of skin rashes (30 g of crushed young shoots and cones are boiled in 1 liter of milk and take a third of a liter per day).

Crushed dry resin collected from the bark of trees is sprinkled on wounds and ulcers.

For the healing of pustules and chronic ulcers, an ointment of resin, beeswax and sunflower oil, taken in equal amounts, is used. The mixture is heated, thoroughly stirred, allowed to cool and lubricated with the affected areas of the body.

And also give respect to the statue of Smerek European

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