melon ordinary

Well-known melon culture.

The fruits contain a large amount of ascorbic acid, carotene, folic and nicotinic acids, nitrogenous and extractive substances, fat, fiber, carbohydrates (mainly sucrose), mineral salts of iron, potassium, sodium.

Melon fruits are recommended for anemia, anemia, diseases of the liver, cardiovascular system, and obesity. A diuretic effect of melon has been established, due to an increased content of potassium with a limited amount of sodium.

For therapeutic purposes, juice from the core of the plant is used. In folk medicine, melon fruits are used as a tonic, diuretic, antirheumatic and mild laxative; melon juice – as an antihelminthic, for diseases of the throat and chronic cough. The juice is absolutely harmless, it can be used without dosage.

An aqueous infusion of seeds is drunk for kidney disease, a decoction of the fruit is considered a cosmetic remedy for acne and freckles.

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