Angelica forest

FOREST ANGEL (angelica forest, wolf pipe)


A spreading, strongly branched shrub with ascending branches. Stems up to 50 cm long. The leaves are almost needle-shaped, not exceeding 0.5-1 cm long, narrow, with pointed edges, green above, shiny, below with a whitish keel, directed horizontally or obliquely upwards, closely spaced on ascending branches (lower -3 in whorls). The flowers are dark red in flat inflorescences in the form of a shield, small, in the axils of the leaves. The roots are woody. The smell is unpleasant. The fruit is a black berry.

For therapeutic purposes, in folk medicine, the root and fruits of the plant are used, but it is not necessary to mix angelica (angelica) forest with angelica officinalis. Angelica inflorescences are spherical complex umbrellas, corollas of flowers are light yellow and paler than those of angelica forest.

Angelica is a valuable plant. It contains diuretic, diaphoretic, carminative, analgesic, sedative, expectorant and regulating the functional activity of the stomach, as well as disinfectant and antiparasitic substances. .

Angelica root is used for persistent bronchitis, bloating, abdominal colic, severe diarrhea (even with dysentery), it is especially effective in combination with calamus root and oak bark (in equal amounts).

Previously, during cholera epidemics, they drank an alcoholic tincture of angelica and garlic as a means of preventing infection.

Externally, angelica is often used in the form of aromatic baths for gout, rheumatism, and back pain. After baths, the body is rubbed with a tincture of this plant.


A decoction of 1:10 mixture of angelica forest, calamus and oak in equal parts take 2 tbsp. spoons 3-4 times every day.

Decoction of angelica: 15 g per 200 ml; on ! Art. spoon 3 times every day.

Fresh juice is used as a painkiller: dripped on a sore tooth, instilled in a sore ear.

In case of insufficient activity of the kidneys, a decoction of the rhizomes of the angelica and the herb of the field chiton is used equally to enhance the excretion of urine. Spoon the mixture to 1 cup of water. Boil 10 minutes. Drink 1 glass 3 times every day.

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