Oak zvichayny – common oak

Name: Oak zvichayny – common oak

Wild Oak (Quercus robur, synonym – Quercus pedunculata); homeland of Bukovih (Fagaceae); common oak


From a long time ago, a person worshiped some mighty tree. Generations changed, and the tree was abandoned – the same garne and can, like if it was prickly. In the pagan hours of ancient times, words ruled white oak altars, consecrated to Perunov. Dubi sang like a sacred tree and fenced them. At this hour, there was no greater sin, no oak was cut. The borders of the tree served as boundary signs of ancestral volodin. Images of oak trees with leaves symbolized glory and masculinity, greatness and strength. It’s not unusual for oak trees to enter the warehouse of coats of arms of other powers and to embellish coins. They respected that the oak tree could charm power: protect the settlement, protect people from the street, cause that ailment.

At the old hour of oak foxes were not rare: the entire modern forest-steppe zone of Russia was covered with dust and clean oak plantations. Surrounded by islands of oak foxes, they came near the steppes – river valleys, along the beams and ravines. The modern oak forests and the forests have commemorated, there are signs of people pouring in, but if there are stench, the lovers of nature should be quieted by their dark greenery.

Oak is a deciduous tree, reaching a height of 40 m. The diameter of the stovbur in old trees is from one to ten meters. The bark of old trees is dark grey, with cracks. The crown is covered with rough needles, kulepodіbna, pyramidal chirozloga. Leaves are peristolopathic, on short petioles, in bunches on ends of short pagons. The vouchers are draped, single-stated, zapilyuyutsya in the wind, cholovichi – at long drooping earrings, greenish; women – solitary, unshowy, sitting on a married man’s blouse. Blossom the oak at the herb, from the yogo flowers, ring out the name of the oak cold. On the vіdkritіy mіstsevosti okremi trees bloom at 15 roki, and in fісі — at 35-40. Plid – acorn, brownish-brown, with a late swarthy, may be half-curled at the bowl. Garniy vrozhay zholudіv posterіgayut sound skin 4-5 roіv. Live in the middle up to 500-600 years,

We see two ecological forms of oak: one with more early leaves and flowers, less time to frost, more autumn leaves; friend – with the release of leaves and flowers (for 15-20 days later), stay until frost, dry the leaves for the winter. The wood of the remaining form is valued more.

Widening of the oak is splendid in the black-earth and middle regions of Russia, sounds like a house in broad-leaved forests, together with maple, linden, hornbeam, beech. Pure oak foxes make only river valleys. Frost is dry, light-loving tree. Pivnіchna between the range to pass the line St. ІІterburg-Vologda-Vyatka and farther, pіvdennishe vіd Permі, go to pіvden. The oak is also trampled at the front of the Caucasus. In Ukraine, mixed foxes are planted all over the territory, pure oaks are rarer, in steppe regions, they grow in river valleys.

The bark of young chicks and thin stovburivs is a valuable medicinal product that can be included in the Sovereign Pharmacopoeia of Russia and Ukraine. In folk medicine, vicorist is also gali – fungal growths on the leaves of trees, like the larvae of such coma.

The bark is harvested for an hour with a bark, straight ahead. For whom to shave kіltsepodіbnі nadrіzi with a gap of 30 cm, close them with later furrows and take two pіvіvіvіvі tubes of measles. Dry її on an open floor under ukrittam. At the garnou, the weather can be dried on the sun. Gali is taken for example, dried, and taken from a dry place. The term for the conservation of oak measles is 5 years, won’t be sold in specialized pharmacies. If for the preparation of liquor and living in a hedgehog, they take acorns, as soon as they dry, so that the bliss disappears.

Oak bark contains catechin tannins (0.4%), gallic acid and elagoic acid, halotanin (10-20%), quercetin, flobafen, resinous pectin speech (up to 6%), zukri, proteins, mucus, starch and minerals speeches. Acorns rich for starch (40%), speech tanning (5-8%); oily oil (up to 5%), zukri, ethereal oil, squirrels thinly. Gali revenge an insignificant amount of tannin.

Infusions and varieties of oak measles vicorist as an astringent, anti-fungal and anti-rotten zasib for treating inflammation of the mucous membrane of the mouth (gingivitis, stomatitis), pharynx, larynx, periodontal disease and flux. Assign products from oak measles for gastritis, shlunkovyh bleeding, enteritis, diarrhea, ailments of the liver and spleen, rickets, diseases of the lymph nodes. Infusions of this infusion are taken internally in case of poisoning by fungi, alkaloids, salts of important metals as a causative agent that binds toxins. In case of severe stasis of measles, it is an effective zasib for the treatment of eczema, frostbite, cracks in the skin, clogged hands.

In gynecology, measles vicorist is used for douching in case of pain, vulvitis and colpitis, and internally in case of supra-world menstruation. Nastіy ta vіdvar azholudіv korisno to live in case of ailments of the herbal tract; smeared and ground acorns vicorist like surrogate kawi. The bark of roslini is widely planted in veterinary medicine.

Oak wood is hard and stone, mass garnu texture and high mechanical strength, vicarious at everyday life, ship-lightcraft. For a particularly valuable improvement, the premises (parquet, panels) and the preparation of expensive furniture are zastosovuetsya so ranks stained oak – vitrimany trival hour by the water and hanging in a special way.

Leaves of oak vicorist for home cooking, adding them to the salt and marinade – for adding spice to ogirki and tomatoes.

Acorns are a wonderful natural food for bears, wild boars, deer, squirrels, other wild rodents and other birds.

Nasty measles. 1 teaspoon of syrovini per 400 ml of cold boiled water. Insist for 6-8 years, proceed. Take 2-3 table spoons 3-4 times a day.

Vidvar measles. 1 tablespoon of sirovini for 200 ml of dill. Heated on a boiling water bath 15-20 min., protsidzhuyut. Take 1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day.

Luxurious cava from acorns. Acorns are smeared until blackened, ground. 1 teaspoon of the removed powder is poured into 200 ml of okrop. Take 1 swipe per day for 3 take. In chronic catarrhs ​​of the intestines.

Vіdvar kori (zvonіshnє). 2 tablespoons of measles per 200 ml of okrop. Insist 15-20 min., protsіdzhuyut. For rinsing the mouth empty that throat.

Vіdvar kori (zvonіshnє). 4 tablespoons of syrovin for 200 ml of okrop. Expect a stretch of the year, protsidzhuyut. For zmaschuvannya razhenih dіlyanok shkіri.

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