Divina gustokvitkova – densely flowered mullein

Name: Divina gustokvitkova – densely flowered mullein

Divine Gustokvitkova (Verbascum densiflorum, synonymous with Verbascum thapsiforme); homeland of the Rannikovs (Scrophulariaceae); mullein densely flowered


The specific epithet “skіpetropodіbna” is more appropriate for the representatives of the homeland of the Rannikovs. The long spike-like blossoms of growth are truly devastating the regalia of the royal power – the scepter. Against the background of dark green leaves, yellow flowers, divins look very bright.

Divina gustokvitkova is dvorіchna (inkoli odnorichna), 50-180 cm long feathery roslina. The stem is straight, more rosy near the upper part. The leaves are large, dovegasto-elliptic and ovoid-lanceolate. The flowers are released on the heart, burn down from the bottom, you can succumb to the flower of the rose at the red-linden, and if it doesn’t bloom more at the sickle. Plid – a box. Divins don’t trap very often, but in groups; zvichayna roslina on bows, uzliss, bridging the roads, giving priority to the singing soils. It is widened near the middle part of the middle smug of Russia, and beyond the borders – near Belarus, the krains of the Baltic States and Ukraine (mayzhe throughout the territory).

Previously , the divina gustokvitkov was included in the Sovereign Pharmacopoeia of the SRSR, at the same time only vicory is used in folk medicine.

With the medicinal method, they take the wine cups, whisking them from the cups. Harvest syrovina in dry, sleepy weather in the first half of the day. To dry the tickets at once that yakomoga swidshe, on open air in a warm, well-ventilated room. Save ready syrovina in an earthenware dish with a ground-in lid. The term savings – 1 rec.

Syrovina divini revenge close to 11% tsukrіv, mucous membranes of speech, saponins, glycosides, alkaloids, carotenoids, tannins of speech, vitamin C and a trace of essential oil.

Divini preparations help to relieve, exacerbate and spasmolytic action. stinks change nabryaki, tamuyut bіl. A tincture of flowers from vicorist is used for rubbing with neuralgia, the powder of dry flowers is applied to wounds and wounds. In the vіdvarom of flowers, to shake one’s head at a foolish oblisіnі. Nastіy kvіtok zastosovuyt for rinsing an empty mouth with flare-ups, as well as for baths with diathesis (zolotus). Sitting baths with flowers that root growth is good for helping with pinched hemorrhoids.

At the same time with the roses, which may be similar to the day, the divina will be planted for the rejoicing of the various ailments of the wild roads, with emphysema and the burning leg. Її tickets enter to the warehouse of breast teas. Contraindications before zastosuvannya tsієї roslina is not known.

It’s a pity, for the bdzhil divin – the filthy nectar dzherelo, deyakі її її її vzagalі yogo not see, then pick up enough file.

Nasty ticket. 1 tablespoon of dry flowers for 200 ml of okrop. Insist 15-20 min., protsіdzhuyut. Take 1 tablespoon in 3 years. In case of ailments of the organs, the respiratory system is like a help of the zasib.

Nastіy kvіtok chi korіv (zvnіshnє). 4-5 bunches of flowers of dry, trimmed root are brewed with 5 liters of okrop, insisted for 2 years, proceeded. Vykoristovuyut for sedentary 15-hvilinnih baths with pinched hemorrhoids.

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