Divina vedmezha – common mullein

Name: Divina vedmezha – common mullein

Divina vedmezha (Verbascum thapsus); vedmezhe vukho, royal candle ; common mullein


Two-or-one single grassy, ​​densely pubescent growth of the homeland of the Rannikovs. The stem is more importantly simple, erect, 30-120 cm inflorescence. The basal leaves of the species are feminine-elliptic, obtuse-rubber, the middle ones are species-like ovoid, running on the internodes of the stem. The vouchers are two-stated, with a wine-glass, we inscribe on 5 uneven yellow shovels, picked in the old and thick spike-like blossoms. Plid – a box. The color of the chervni is linden.

Width. Growth in the open spring months of Mayzha throughout the territory of Ukraine.

Procurement and saving . For the preparation of liquor vodkas (Flores Verbasci). They take less wine with chicks, whisking them out of the calyx. I’ll prepare to spend in the sleepy weather after the fall of dew and bazhano, in the first half of the day, but the ticket stays only one day. The navechir vіnochok v’yane and becomes inapplicable to victoria. Dry the tickets immediately after picking them up in the shade on a free wind, on the mountain or in a warm place with good ventilation, laying them out in a thin ball on the fabric or paper. Dry syrovini comes out 16-18%. Stored in metal boxes or in glassware with ground cork. Lines of appurtenance – 1 rec. Previously, roslin was included in the warehouse of the Sovereign Pharmacopoeia of the SRSR.

Chemical warehouse . Syrovina to mucus up to 2.5%, saponins, gum, close to 11% tsukriv (incl. 3.5% glucose), iridoid glycoside aukubin, flavonoid hesperidin, carotenoids (a-crocetin and β-carotene), tannins , ascorbic acid and trace essential oil.

Pharmacological power and victory. Preparations Divini vedmezhoї vyyavlyayut help’yakshuvalnu, vіdharkovalnu, protispasm and mild narcotic diapause. The stench of tamuyut bіl, zmenshuyut sudomu, fabric ripples. Divina Vedmezha, as an enveloping, pain-relieving and expiratory zasib, enters the pharmacopoeias of the rich country world. Окремо або в поєднанні з подібними за дією рослинами Дивину ведмежу використовують при запаленнях слизових оболонок верхніх дихальних шляхів, кашлі, коклюші, бронхіті, бронхіальній астмі, емфіземі й запаленні легень, кровохарканні, при захворюваннях травного каналу, печінки та селезінки, у випадках патологічного схуднення або nervous exuberance. Miscevo vikoristovuyut: tincture of flowers – for rubbing with neuralgia and pain in the swamps; flower powder – for sticky cracks, saddens and wounds, frontally smeared with carrot juice; poultices of flowers at once on the leaves – to wounds, ignition pits and opikiv; sitz baths with flowers or roots – with pinched hemorrhoids. Divini Vedmezhoj’s flowers enter the warehouse of breast teas.

Medical forms and zastosuvannya .

Internally – fresh flowers (1 tablespoon of flowers for 200 ml of okrop ) 1 tablespoon through the skin for 3 years as a help to help and exhalation;

15 g of the sum of the sum of taken in equal measure the flowers of Divini vedmezho and the root of the marshmallow likarskaya boil in 200 ml of water for 15-20 min. when coughing;

sum of 1 tablespoon of flowers Divini vedmezhoї and 1 teaspoon each of flowers of medicinal capes and chamomile boiled in 1 bottle of water 5 min. a spoonful of three for a day in case of emaciation or nervous exhaustion;

one teaspoon of the sum of the taken in equal measure Divini vedmezhoi flowers of fox rolls, flowers of cumin and flowers of altea likarskaya are poured with 1 bottle of okrop, boiled for 5 minutes. i drink 1-2 bottles a day for coughing in adults;

one tablespoon of the sum of the taken in equal quantities Divini vedmezho’s flowers, fox rolls, black elder flowers, dried raspberry linden flowers are poured into a thermos with 2 flasks of okrop, steamed with fresh water and sipped hot for a night as a sweat.

Zovnіshnyo — chotiri zhmenі votok or the detailed root Divini vedmezhoї brew with 5 liters of okrop, infuse until cold and hold the infusion of vicorist for a sedentary 15-quill cold bath with pinched hemorrhoids, repeating the procedure after 2 days.

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