Whole-leaved yarrow tree

Name: Whole-leaved yarrow tree

Tree leaves (Achillea ptarmica); yarrow whole-leaved


Bagatorichna herbaceous roslina of the homeland of aistrovihs (folded flowers). The stems are solitary, erect, branched, whitening the bases of the trees, 30-120 cm cusps. Leaflets are cylindrical, hairless or slightly pubescent, sessile, vuzkolancetny, dvіchipilochny, up to 6 mm zavshira. The vouchers are folded into koshiki, which make a thin shield; edge slips (їх 8-14) tongue, matochkovі, white, middle – tubular, double. Plid is a Simyanka. Blossom at the lime – faith.

Width . Growth on watery bows, along the banks of rivers and ponds in the Carpathians and sights in Polissya (in the western part).

Sirovina . Vykoristovuyut grass, pick the hour of blooming growth. See the tops of the stems (without zderev’yanіlih parts). Dry under the name of abo on the mountains.

Roslina is unofficial.

Chemical warehouse . Cats to avenge alkaloid akhilin and ethereal oliya, to which stearopten is included. Leaflets have a significant quantity (up to 90 mg%) of ascorbic acid.

Pharmacological power and victory . Roslin is known in folk medicine as a blood-spinning, wound healing and pain-relieving zasib. Її vikoristovuvali with virazkovіy ailment of the slough, with tuberculosis lung, hemorrhoids, uterine bleeding, toothache, for healing wounds and virazok.

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