Gryzhnik smooth (veterinary practice)

Gryzhnik smooth – herniaria glabra l.


Popular names: hernia, keel grass, dog soap, field soap.

Botanical characteristic. Carnation family. Annual, biennial or perennial yellow-green herbaceous plant, slightly pubescent. The root is weak thin rod, branched, lignified. Stems numerous, strongly branched, prostrate along the ground. Leaves opposite, small, obovate. The flowers are inconspicuous, very small, yellowish-green. Flowering and fruiting from June to autumn.

Spreading. It occurs in all regions of the European part of the USSR (except the Far North), in the Caucasus, in Western Siberia, Central Asia and Altai. It grows mainly in wastelands, along roads, in dry and sandy places.

Medicinal raw materials. Use the aerial part (grass). Collect it throughout the summer, but better during the flowering period. The grass is cut with a knife, sickle or secateurs at a distance of 2-3 cm from the ground. Dry traditionally in the open air or in attics with good ventilation, turning over several times throughout the day. Storage period 2 years.

Chemical composition. The herb contains saponin-like glycoside herniarin, herniariesaponin, which has hemolytic properties, paraquinine alkaloid, umbelliferone methyl ester, coumarin, essential oil, flavonoids rutin, quercetin.

Pharmacological properties and Application.The plant has antispasmodic properties, which depend on the presence of coumarin in it, has a diuretic effect, due to the presence of flavonoids. In folk veterinary medicine, they are used as a diuretic (for urinary retention), one glass of freshly squeezed juice or in the form of a decoction: three handfuls of dried grass are poured with two glasses of water, put on fire until half the liquid boils, prescribed to large animals 1-2 times a day . Gryzhnik also has a pronounced astringent effect and is considered a good remedy in the treatment of acute inflammatory processes of the bladder and its spasms. As a diuretic, it is used for all types of kidney diseases. To do this, prepare an infusion of 1:10 herbs and appoint calves, dogs 1-2 tablespoons 3-4 times every day. Inside, the herb herb is given in the form of an infusion.Doses: for small animals 5-10 g.

There are saponins in herb herb. Therefore, when rubbing it with water, a soapy foam appears, which is used to wash pets (dogs).

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