Mushroom with a cap 7-18 cm in diameter, convex in young mushrooms, funnel-shaped in mature ones, dry, smooth, white, without concentric zones. The flesh is white at first, then slightly yellowish. The milky juice is white, very plentiful and caustic, does not change color in the air. The plates are descending, white, turning yellow with age, frequent. Leg 3-7 cm high, 2-3 cm thick, cylindrical, dense, white, smooth. Spores broadly oval, colorless, prickly.

Edible after pickling.

In Russia, it is distributed throughout the European part, in Western and Eastern Siberia and the Far East.

Peppercorn has a depressing effect on the tubercle bacillus. In folk medicine, this mushroom in a slightly fried form was used to treat kidney stones.

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