Missky gravel – urban gravel

Missky gravel (Geum urbanum); homeland of Rosaceae (Rosaceae); city ​​gravel



Gravelat mischievous, at the sight of your closest relative, maє zhovt, not drooping tickets. In the long run, the growths are close and for the rosemaries, and for the morphological characteristics. This kind of gravel is traversed in the middle smoothness of Russia nearer, ringing in the light forests, on the knots, in the middle of the chagars. In Ukraine, growth is everywhere.


The chemical warehouse grows a little less, the ale vicorist is її at the quiet ones themselves, the gravitate is rich, the truth is, the colo zastosuvannya is wider: they add to the strengthening of the power of the tsієї roslina and її in the case of ailments of the diva.


Rhizomes with roots are richly ethereal olії, which is more suitable for victoria as a spice. From a young leaf, you can prepare a likuval-prophylactic salad.

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