Medicinal sparrow – medicinal sparrow

Sparrowhawk (Lithospermum officinale); sparrow officinalis


Perennial herbaceous woolly pubescent plant of the rough-leaved family. The stem is erect, 30-60 cm tall, branched. The leaves are alternate, simple, entire, narrow-lanceolate, without stipules. Flowers bisexual, regular, in foliated curls; corolla 4-6 mm long, yellowish-white. The fruit is a nut. Blooms in May – June.

Spread. It grows throughout the territory of Ukraine in dry open places, on the edges of forests, on bushes and as a weed in fields, near roads.

Procurement and storage . Herb (Herba Lithospermi officinalis) collected during flowering of the plant is used. The tops of plants up to 30 cm long are cut. Dry under a tent or in a room with good ventilation. 20% of dry raw materials are obtained. Store in a dry place.

The plant is unofficial.

Chemical composition . The herb contains alkaloids (up to 0.1%), tannins (up to 7%), organic acids (citric, malic, maleic, succinic, fumaric) and ascorbic acid.

Pharmacological properties and use. It has been found experimentally that extracts of the herb Sparrowhawk have contraceptive properties. There is an opinion that the plant can reduce the function of the thyroid gland. In folk medicine, the gorobeynik medicinal is considered an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, choleretic and tonic agent. The plant was used for general weakness, convulsions, jaundice, bloody and cold diarrhea, for excessive and painful menstruation, as an analgesic for headaches and stomach aches, for analgesia during childbirth. An infusion of grass with seeds was used for chronic constipation and kidney stone disease. As an external remedy, the plant was used for stomatitis, thrush, to eliminate bad breath and to heal wounds. In the form of poultices, Sparrowhawk was used for hernias, tumors and arthritis,

Medicinal forms and applications .

Internally – herbal infusion (1 tablespoon of dry herb per 200 ml of boiling water, infuse for 2 hours) 1-2 tablespoons 3-4 times a day;

tincture of grass (2 tablespoons of fresh grass per 200 ml of vodka, infused for 7 days) 20 drops with water 3-4 times a day.

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