Ink slurry – manure series



Mushroom of the silkworm family. The cap is 3-5 cm in diameter, gray or gray-brown, grooved, oval, later bell-shaped, cone-shaped, with brown or ochre-brown pressed small scales in the center. Plates are white, turn black when the mushroom matures. The leg is hollow. The pulp of young fruit bodies is whitish, with a pleasant smell.

Spread. It grows in sparse bunches near the stumps and trunks of deciduous trees, in fertilized gardens, in meadows and near roads throughout Ukraine.

Raw material . Young fruiting bodies are collected in May – November. Used fresh.

Chemical composition . The fruiting body of the mullein contains protein, sugars, minerals, the chemical substance silk, etc.

Pharmacological properties and use . It is used as a means of causing an aversion to vodka. Coprin, contained in the fruit bodies of the mushroom, stops the decomposition of alcohol in the human body at the acetaldehyde stage, and this causes poisoning, which manifests itself in severe nausea, diarrhea, palpitations, severe redness of the skin. After a few hours, the victim recovers, but with repeated use of vodka (even the next day), a relapse of poisoning occurs with the same symptoms. The young fruiting bodies of the mullein can be boiled, fried, stewed, remembering that they should not be consumed together with alcohol.

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