Common name: root of life.

Parts used: root.

Pharmacy name: ginseng root – Ginseng radix (formerly: Radix Ginseng).

Botanical description. The birthplace of real ginseng is East Asia, false ginseng is Southeast and South Asia. The root of an adult plant is about 8-12 cm long and within 2 cm in diameter. The stem reaches a height of 30-60 cm, on long petioles are complex-fingered leaves that look like maple leaves. The flowers are inconspicuous and, like those of ivy, are grouped in simple umbrellas; light red berries.

Collection and preparation. When the plant reaches the age of 6-8 years, the ginseng root is dug up and dried in the air. Since the demand for it exceeds the supply, this medicinal plant is also bred in culture. However, growing ginseng is difficult, it requires a lot of time and care. Therefore, in the world market, prices for ginseng root reach fantastic figures. A very good pharmaceutical product from crops is supplied by the Korean province of Kumsan.

Active ingredients: ginsenoids, essential oil, vitamin B1 and B2 and, in wild plants, estrogens.

Healing action and application.It is well established that ginseng root affects the metabolism by the type of non-specific irritating action: the body’s defenses are mobilized, adaptability to stressful situations and increased stress improves, resistance to infectious diseases increases, and recovery is accelerated. Perhaps here we should talk about a general tonic effect, about central stimulation. Who regularly takes ginseng, feels better and is accordingly satisfied with life, he is more active and balanced. This is especially true for older people who have a noticeable improvement in general mood, and mild depression is completely or partially overcome. The specific effect of ginseng on the heart and circulation has not been confirmed. The ability to increase potency attributed to the ginseng root is very doubtful and has not yet been proven. Since the ginseng trade has become a big business, a lot of ginseng products have appeared on the market, and many of them are of poor quality. It is difficult to say what to give preference to pure ginseng root or liquid medicines from it. It seems to me important that the product is good regardless of the form. Therefore, use mainly pharmacies, and when dosing, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. And remember – larger amounts don’t often provide the best performance. In addition to ginseng products, there are medicines on the market that contain ginseng only as a tonic supplement, although they are also referred to as ginseng products commercially. These funds can be recommended only if if they contain other active substances (for example, vitamins). They may even be preferred over pure ginseng products, as the effects of ginseng are enhanced in combination. tion with vitamins. Never buy ginseng from hand: a non-specialist cannot evaluate the product and suffer twice – because of the price and because of the poor quality.

Side effects. Using ginseng in pharmaceutical doses, you can not be afraid of side effects. Rarely, there is an increase in blood pressure.

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