Siva hiccup – gray hiccup

Name: Siva hiccup – gray hiccup

Siva hawk (Berteroa incana); hiccup gray



Width . Growing up like a Buryan was a resident, bridging the roads, in the fields throughout the entire territory of Ukraine.

Sirovina. Vykoristovuyut flowers or grass.

Roslin is unofficial .

The chemical warehouse has not yet been released .

Vikoristannya. In folk medicine, the herb Gikavka gray vikoris was used for migraine, whooping, yadus, bile, uterine bleeding. Baths with weeds of herbs Gikavki svoi vvazhayutsya effective way to reduce weight loss and trial in children in the first 2 years of life (spasmophilia). When carrying (especially in children), it is recommended to implant the potion of roselin.

Medical forms and zastosuvannya . Nasty (1-2 tablespoons of flowers for 1 bottle of okrop) 1 tablespoon through the skin for 2 years.

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