forest geranium



Perennial herbaceous plant with erect pubescent ribbed stem 30-80 cm high; basal leaves on long petioles, deeply five-, seven-pinnate, upper tripartite and sessile; stipules are red-brown, lanceolate. The flowers are large, lilac-purple or purple, wide open, 2 on the peduncle; the fruit is shaped like a bird’s beak. Blooms in June – early July.

It grows in shady forests and among shrubs.

The grass contains tannins, in the flowering phase – alkaloids, ascorbic acid, essential oil and carotene.

In folk medicine, water decoctions of herbs are drunk with pulmonary bleeding, rinse the mouth with a disease of its mucous membrane, with tonsillitis; wash festering wounds; alcohol tincture of the whole plant is drunk in drops for pain in the heart.


Infusion: 2 teaspoons of herbs are poured into 2 glasses of cold water, insisted for 3 hours. Drink sips several times throughout the day.

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