Vyazel multi-colored



Herbaceous perennial with a creeping branched rhizome and with numerous hollow, branched, creeping or ascending branches. The leaves are alternate pinnate, with 5-11 pairs of oblong-oval, rounded at the top and ending in a point leaflets. The flowers are collected in hemispherical umbrellas, sessile on long peduncles emerging from the axils of the upper leaves and exceeding the latter. Separate parts of the flower of various colors: the flag is pink, the wings are slightly longer than the flag, whitish, the boat is pale lilac, dark purple above, the beak is elongated, pointed; the upper stamen is free, the rest are fused with filaments into a tube. The pods are elongated, with a thin spout at the apex, clearly constricted and breaking up into several oblong segments when ripe. Blooms all summer.

Occurs infrequently in dry meadows, open grassy slopes, along forest edges.

For therapeutic purposes, in folk medicine, fruits and seeds are used, collected as they ripen. For this, lateral shoots with fruits are torn off. After drying, the stalks are removed. To obtain seeds, the fruits are threshed and the seeds are separated by sifting through a sieve.

Seeds contain glycosides of the cardiac group: coronizide and coronilin, carbohydrate stachyose, fatty oil. Glycoside coronizide has a selective effect on the heart, similar in nature and strength to strophanthin.

The plant is promising. In folk medicine, an aqueous decoction of the herb is drunk for diseases caused by weight lifting, diathesis, from bloody diarrhea and as a stomach ache.

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