Voronets spiky, black



A perennial tall herbaceous plant with a woody branched stem. Leaves are trifoliate with double- or triple-pinnate lobes; leaflets in the later order are ovate, incised-toothed, pointed. The flowers are small, white, collected in apical brushes (mostly there are two brushes). The fruit is a black multi-seeded berry. Blooms in May-June.

Grows in shady places, forests.

A decoction of the plant is drunk for gastric, mental diseases, a positive effect of voronets preparations as a sedative (calming) of the cardiovascular system and an antimalarial agent has been established. There are several cases of curing inoperable diseases of stomach cancer with herb and black cohosh fruits.

In folk medicine and homeopathy, it has long been used to treat asthma, malaria, rheumatism, goiter, skin diseases and stomach cancer.

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