Volodushka golden

Perennial herbaceous plant with a horizontal rhizome. The stem is straight, traditionally solitary, simple or slightly branched in the upper part, reaches 120-150 cm in height. Basal and lower stem leaves oblong – obovate or oblong, middle stem leaves – sessile, ovate, upper, small and relatively wider, bright green. On the underside of the leaves – a bluish bloom. The flowers are yellow, with a golden hue, collected in large umbrellas. Fruits with strongly protruding winged cuts.

Medicinal raw material is grass harvested during flowering in June-July.

An infusion or decoction of the herb has a laxative, choleretic and sokogonny effect on the stomach, pancreas and liver with cholecystitis, angiochomites, hepatitis (with good results), with nervous diseases, and fever. Leaves are applied to various wounds for quick healing. A decoction or infusion from a freshly harvested plant is more effective than from a dry one.


Infusion: 1 tbsp. spoon on a glass of boiling water, insist

2 hours, take half a cup 3 times every day before meals for 15-20 days.

Vodka tincture (10:100) take 25 drops

3 times every day before meals – with cholelithiasis.

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