Catchment (Aquilegia sibirica)

WATER COLLECTION (Siberian Aquilegia)


Perennial herb with an erect, leafy, branched, glabrous or softly hairy stem. Basal leaves are long-leaved; stem lower leaves 2- or three-lobed, middle and upper – three-lobed. The flowers are purple, blue or pink, large, apical, drooping. Five deciduous, petal-like, recurved sepals, oblong or ovate; five petals are curved and have spurs at the tips; many stamens, pistils 5. The fruit is dry, cracking. Blooms in early summer.

Grows in shady forest areas of Siberia. For medicinal purposes, the flowering aerial part, juice or dry plant, collected at the flowering stage, is used.

The raw material contains traces of cyanogenic glycoside; the composition of the catchment area is not fully specified.

The columbine is recommended as a sedative for painful menstruation and as a diuretic; hot infusion is applied externally for skin rashes, inflammations and fistulas in the oral cavity, pneumonia, cough, jaundice, stomach cramps, bleeding.


The infusion is prepared from finely ground raw materials: 1 tbsp. spoon for 2 cups of boiling water, take 2-3 tbsp. spoons of infusion every day; it is also recommended the juice of a fresh plant, 15-20 drops no more than 2 times every day.

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