Vovchug polovy. Vovchug prickly

Name: Vovchug polovy. Vovchug prickly

OVCHUK POLOVY -Ononis arvensis L.


Bobov’s homeland is Fabaceae, or Leguminosae

How do you look at the wild owl? Bagatorіchna herbaceous roslina up to 30-85 cm zavvishee. The stems are hairy-hairy, often without thorns, more rarely thorns and thorns of the stem ending in thorns. Leaves tripartite, stubborn-fluffy; stipules have grown to petioles, sit two in axils (or rather one at a time). Vіnochok erysipelatous or whitish. Plid – bib, ovoid, short, lower calyx. Flowers in red – sickle. Growth throughout the territory of UKRAINE.

How do you see a prickly ovchug? Bagatorіchna roslina grassy roslin. Stems 30-60 cm long, with single-row pubescences. The leaves are large, tripartite, prodovguvato-elliptic with sharp-toothed edges, slightly sticky. Flowers of erysipelas-red, chamois. The Stiglia is more durable than the cups, or the trochs protrude beyond the її teeth. Blossom at the hearts – faiths.

De growth ovchug prickly? On dry bows, near the flood roads, on the knots, it grows on Polissya (Volinsky region – Volodymyr-Volinsky, Turiysk).

What and when to take? Leaves of the th ticket – during the flowering hour, root – in the spring and autumn.

When the thorn ovchug and the prickly ovchug zastosovuyut? In the presence of vicorous tea, with a broken exchange of sich acid, with old catarrh of sich mikhura, with stones of nirok and sich mikhura (in sum, we argue and gritsikami), For the treatment of diseases of internal rheumatic secretion and cleansing of the blood, with boils, with boils, with boils for relief of teething in children. Virazhena sechoginna and sweating diya. Roots live with bleeding (short bleeding and change in the fragility of capillaries).

Take 1 teaspoon of flowers and leaves of the wild goat in a bottle of okrop and insist 10 khvilin. Drink 1 bottle per day in small bowls. Better than the root, but it is necessary to mix it equally with the details of the roots of Althea likarskoy, especially if tea is given to drink to small children (spoons). In older adults, stagnate with hemorrhoidal bleeding at once from the juice of fresh leaves of chestnut kinsky (20-25 drops 2 times a day on water). One hour later, take a sitz bath with a brew of kіnsk chestnut measles (30:100) with a stretch of 15 strands. For 1 flask, take 1 tablespoon of the root of the air and boil until half of the root is boiled. Drink 0.25 bottles of trichi a day before meals. The course of treatment is 2-4 days (flavone glycosides ononin, oіїospin and ononid, tannins of speech, triterpene alcohol onokol, tap oliya, resin, mineral salts).

For stones of nirok and sich mikhura, take 1 tablespoon of sumish root of wild owl , rhizomes of pyrium (Elytrigia repens L.), root of common spurge, flowers of black elderberry, herbal horsetail in spіvvіdnoshnі 4 : 7 : 1 : 3 : 5 per 300 ml of water ‘yatat 15 khvilin, protsidzhuyut that p’yut three times per day for 1 bottle (sechoginally diyut letka oliya and flavonoid ononin).

How sechoginny zasib prepare like this. Take a tablespoon of sumishi (porivnu) of the root of the wild lion , fresh crop, yagid yalivtsyu and bare malt root for 1 flask of okrop, boil 5 khvilin and drink 2 flasks per day.

Under Vodyanzi (ascites) 1, a spoon of Sumyshi Vovchug Kolyucho, the Goritsynoye I Brunok Berezi Biloi (Porіvna) Pour 1 Blue Okropa, Timely I Vipiva to take 1 all the dining room of Berezi, Farm of the Supshini, in spіvvіdnoshennі 2:2:1, insist 6 years in 1 glass of water, cook 15 whilin and sip for a day for a sprat of priyomіv.

In case of rheumatism, gout, cross-sectional arthritis, subglobal arthritis 3 tablespoons of sumish root of wild lion, root of millennium, grass of licorice-hot paslon and measles of white willow (porivnu) 1 pour pivlitra okropa, boil for 10 mins, prodzhuyut. Drink 3 bottles a day.

White willow bark (Salix alba L.) from the homeland of willows (Salicaceae) contains rich tannins (15%), flavonoids, salicin glycoside. Use yoga for colds, neuralgia, headaches, infectious diseases, rheumatism, inflamed sich paths, liver and spleen ailments, neuroses, malaria.

Baths from the vіdvara herbs vovchugіv vikoristovuyut for the exaltation of eczema.

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