Veselka (shame)



The fruit body in youth is ovoid, 3-4 cm in diameter, covered with a dense white shell, under which there is another – green, very mucous, the so-called earthen oil. With the growth of the fungus, the shells are torn, the fruiting body is extended into a long white spongy stalk with a cellular upper part, covered with brownish, pungent mucus, in which spores float – smooth, ellipsoidal, light yellowish-brown, 3.5 x 1.5 in size. -2 mm.

The mushroom is inedible, grows in deciduous forests, in thickets. In Russia, it is distributed in the European part, the Caucasus, Central Asia and the Far East.

In folk medicine, infusions and tinctures are used from fresh or dried fruit bodies of the veselka. Vodka tincture is used for pain in the abdomen, wounds are washed with it, gout and kidney diseases are treated with veselka.

Some raincoats are popular in folk medicine as a hemostatic and disinfectant. Golovach spore powder is used to treat skin cancer. Pure cultures of giant puffball, a fungus with unknown edible qualities, exhibit high antitumor activity. From the fungus, the product calvacin was obtained, the antiblastic properties of which were tested in experiments with animals affected by cancer and sarcoma.

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