Dubrovnik sage

Lamiaceae – Lamiaceae (Labiatae).

Common name: forest dubrovnik.

Pharmacy name: sage Dubrovnik herb (flowering) – Teucrii scorodoniae heiba (formerly: Herba Teucrii scorodoniae).

Botanical description. Herbaceous plant within 20-30 cm in height. Gathered in a false spike, pale greenish-yellow flowers are turned to one side. Leaves are heart-shaped, wrinkled. The whole plant is softly hairy. Widely distributed in European deciduous and coniferous forests, less common to the east.

Active ingredients: essential oil, tannins, bitterness, flavonoids, saponins, glycosides.

Application. Used to stimulate appetite, as a mild laxative, cough remedy and blood cleanser; in homeopathy – for lung diseases.

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