Verbozilla luchne – coined loosestrife

Name: Verbozilla luchne – monetized loosestrife

Verbozilla luchne (Lysimachia nummularia); meadow tea; homeland of the First Flowers (Rgitiiaceae); coined loosestrife


In mixed forests, chagars, on spring bows and galyavins of the European part of Russia, you can often plant miraculous growth. Її p’yatipromenevі zhovti kvіti-zіrochki brightly shine in the grass. Verbozilla luchne is a herbaceous bagatorichnik, with a succulent stem, which is rooted at the nodes, 20-60 cm. The tickets are two-state, correct, single, folded in the axils of the leaves. Quotes and leaflets with brownish mottled ridges. Roslin blossoms in red-linden. Plid – a kulepodіbna box with five chairs. In Ukraine, growth throughout the entire territory in water areas – on bows, along the banks of rivers, near chagars, mixed and leafy forests.

For the preparation of liqiv vicorist, the above-ground part of the growth. They prepare it the same way, like the grass of the wondrous verbosilla, for the wine of the one that the rough stems are not seen after drying.

The chemical warehouse of the syrovin and both species of growth are similar. Verbosill onion has a lower content of vitamin C in leaflets.

In folk medicine, the growth is so self-sustaining, like verbosilla is stronger.

Leaves of the verbosilla of the arched vicorist are used as a dzherelo farbi for home-made farbuvannya outside.

Like verbosilla zvichayne, verbosilla better not lie down to good honey plants. Bjoli take honey from the flowers of the rose, aloe from an insignificant amount.

Nasty herbs. 1 tablespoon of sirovini for 200 ml of dill. Insist, take 2 tablespoons 3-4 times a day.

Nastiy herbs (zvonishne). 1 tablespoon of sirovini for 200 ml of dill. Zastosovuyt for rinsing with plіsnyavtsі (thrush) and stomatitis. The grass, scalded with dill, is covered with gauze and vicorist for poultices in case of clogged muscles and arthritis.

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