Coined loosestrife



Perennial plant with a thin recumbent stem rooting at the nodes, with opposite round-oval leaves, sparsely covered with small brown dotted glands. The flowers are golden yellow, rather large, located one at a time in the axils of the upper leaves. The corolla is twice as long as the calyx, its petals, like the sepals, are covered with dark dots and dashes and, in addition, very small transparent stalked glandules. Blooms in June-July.

It occurs very often in meadows, among shrubs, in damp places. Used grass in the flowering stage.

Medicinal raw materials are grass, leaves. The loosestrife contains tannins and saponins, arginine, prianrazu enzyme, a lot of vitamin C.

Infusion of herbs is used for diarrhea, gastritis, jaundice, scurvy. Outwardly, an infusion of herbs is used for rinsing the mouth with thrush and stomatitis, for poultices for bruises, tumors, arthritis, venereal diseases, wounds, scrofula, and for muscular and articular rheumatism.

Grass juice has a good hemostatic property.


Infusion: 1 tbsp. a spoonful of herbs pour a glass of boiling water, insist 2-3 hours, take 2 tbsp. spoons or 1/4 cup 3-4 times every day.

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