V’yazil barvistiy – motley tie

Bagatorichna herbaceous head or bristle-haired roslin of the homeland of legumes, frills 30-100 cm. Leaves imparipinnate, with 5-12 pairs of oval or double leaflets. The flowers are double, irregular, erysipelas, white or violet, in axillary umbel-like branches, on long flower-noses. Plid – bib. Blossom at the grass – faith.

Width. Growth throughout the territory of Ukraine on fox bows, knots, galyavins, middle chagars, on schilas.

Sirovina. Vykoristovuyut grass and nasinnya.

Roslin is unofficial .

Chemical warehouse . For now, try glycosides (coroniside, coronilin), carbohydrate stachyose, fatty olium, rich fatty acids, secic acid; in herbs – coronilin, pseudocoumarin, speech tannins, ascorbic acid (27.5 mg%) and carotene (2.6-10.6 mg%).

Pharmacological power and victory . Vision of the current glycoside coroniside may be characteristic for cardiac glycosides of cardiotonic activity. In folk medicine, V’yazil barvistiy vikoristovuyut in case of contractions, like heart and sechoginny zasib and like zasib in the case of a crooked carry. Zovnіshnyo freshly turning the leaves of vicorist with pores like a blood-backed zasib.

Roslin is crazy!

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