European euonymus

Shrub up to 2 meters tall, rarely a tree up to 5 meters, with smooth branches without warts, sometimes obtusely tetrahedral and with brown ribs along the edges. The leaves are denser, dull green above, light below, pointed at the apex, more or less narrowed towards the base into a grooved petiole. Flowers on axillary peduncles, not exceeding the leaves, are collected in 2-5-flowered semi-umbels. Corolla petals are yellowish-green, oblong-lanceolate. The fruit is a developed spherical-pear-shaped four-lobed capsule, opens, as in the previous species; the seeds are white, entirely covered with an orange seed coat. Blooms in May-June.

It occurs as an undergrowth in deciduous forests or among shrubs.

Alkaloids were found in the bark, fruits and roots. The seeds contain gutta-percha (up to 4%), glycoside evonimin and fatty oil.

The fruits have an emetic and strong laxative effect.

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