Dniprovska birch – Dniprovska birch

Dniprovska birch (Betula borysthenica); Dnieper birch


Monoecious tree of the birthplace of birch, folds 10-20 m. Leaves are black, dovgopetioles, ovate-rhombic, mayzhe naked, sometimes glacially pubescent along the veins or with warts in the apex between them. Tickets of one piece, selected in drooping catkins; matochkovі – on short-pubescent legs, 5-10 mm wedges, with fruits – 17-30 mm wedges. Plid – pot. The color of the flower is herbal.

Width. Traplyatsya in the Stepa (in the lower reaches of the rivers Dnipro and Bug) on ​​sands.


Procurement and saving . Vykoristovuyut brunki (Gemmae Betulae), young leaves (Folium Betulae) and spring “weeping”. Incoli vicory bark. The brunki are harvested early in the spring, during the spring season, the leaves – near the spring – herbs, if there is a smell of sticky. The brunki, who have shriveled up, and old leaves are wasting their exuberant powers. Dry the brunki and leaves on an open floor under a bait or in dryers at a temperature of 25-30°C. Ready sirovina is taken from a dry place with good ventilation. Lines of appurtenance – 2 years. Brunki are dispensed by pharmacies. Take the sik early in the spring, before the leaves open.

Chemical warehouseBark, brunki and leaves to avenge ethereal oil, saponins, tannins of speech, resin, ascorbic and nicotinic acid thinly. The warehouse of ethereal oil includes betulen, betulol, betulenic acid, naphthalene, barvniki and others. Okrim tsyogo, in brunka and leaves є flavonoids, carotene and hyperoside. Birch sap contains zukri (2%), aromatic tannins, malic acid, half-lime, calcium and magnesium. Pharmacological power and victory. Preparations of Bereza Dniprovska show sechogenic, zhovchoginn, protispasmodic, antispasmodic, ranostatic, antiviral, antifungal, anthelmintic and protyparasitic powers. The stench regulates the exchange of speech, the function of the herbal tract and the female organs. Birch sik shows a deep-seated effect. Galenic products of bruniok and leaves are used in case of hypo- avitaminosis,

Nastya leaves vikoristovuyut and in mild forms of cholecystitis and cholecystoangiocholitis, with albuminuria, acidic diathesis, as a halo-reactive disease and as a disease, which manifests dermotonic disease in acne, fungal infections of the mouth.

Birch sik shows sechogenous and expiratory activity, saps vivendennia from the body of fluctuating speeches, and helps with heart contractions. It is used in complex therapy in case of nirkovokamyanіy ailments, as a phlegmatic and blood-cleansing disease in case of blood intrusion, damaged speech exchange, in case of ailments of the shkir, dyhalnye slyakhіv and in ailments, which are accompanied by a high body temperature.

Effective use of birch products of Dniprovska birch in obstetric and gynecological practice: the leaves are used in case of hypomenstrual syndrome, vaginal swelling, nephropathy, climacteric neuroses; vidvar brunok — in case of nephropathy; tincture of leaves and birch sik – as a zagalnozmіtsnyuyuchy zasib in case of anemia in the postnatal period and in climacteric neuroses. At ovnіshnyomu6 zastosuvanni products Bereza dniprovska. widely used in dermatology and cosmetics, with neuralgic pains, myositis, arthritis, rheumatism, chronic purulent wounds, trophic wounds, bedsores, sores, skinny.

In folk medicine, the products of the leaves and brunok vicorist are used for bronchitis, hyperacid gastritis, and biliary tract ailment and duodenal ulcers, for gallstone and nirkovokam’yanіy ailments, swollen and gout. Vіdvar or tincture of brunok, moreover, is used as an effective treatment for chronic diarrhea and helminthic invasion (roundworm and gostrika). Preparations from bruniok and leaves, as well as fresh birch sik, live among the people in the usual seasons, if it is necessary to improve health and increase the exchange of speech in the body. Vykoristanya birch vines near the steam room are used as brown for pain in the globules, gout and radiculitis, as well as for colds and ailments.

Medical forms and zastosuvannya.

Internally – infused leaves (2 teaspoons per 200 ml of okrop , insist 30 minutes, cool, filter and add baking soda to the tip of a knife) 50 ml 3-4 times a day before meals;

tincture of bruniok (at spivvіdnochnі 1:5, 90% alcohol) 1 teaspoonful or table spoon at the reception yak zhovchogіnniy i sechogіnniy zasіb;

brunok (10 g per 200 ml of okrop) 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day;

nastiy brunok (10 g or half a tablespoon, for 200 ml of okrop) drink warm half – third bottles 2-3 times a day for 10-15 minutes. to їdi yak sechoginny and zhovchoginny zasіb that at mycoses;

fresh birch sik (Succus Betulae) 1 slip 2-3 times a day.

Zovnishnyo : birch lichen (Pix liquida Betulae) in 10-30% ointments or liniments in parasitic and fungal infections of shkir, eczema, lichen, viraztsі homilka;

Vishnevsky’s ointment for the treatment of wounds, wounds and decubitus ulcers; Wilkinson’s ointment for the treatment of crusts and fungal infections of the skin;

Carbolenum (Carbolenum) 1-2 tablets 3-4 times a day for flatulence, colitis, increased acidity of shell juice, or 20-30g taken as an aqueous suspension in case of poisoning with important metals, alkaloids, with food intoxication (cow fry, mushrooms) ;

tincture of brunok (in spіvvіdnostnі 1:5, 90% alcoholі) for rubbing and compresses; fresh birch sik for embedding, to bring in the bumps and pigment patches and for compresses with eczema.

It is not recommended to use the infusion of brunok Birch of the Dnipro in case of functional insufficiency of women and women during pregnancy.

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