Ginkgo biloba, or temple tree

Name: Ginkgo biloba, or temple tree

Ginkgoaceae – Ginkgoaceae.

Parts Used: Leaves.

Pharmacy name: Ginkgo biloba leaves – Ginkgo bilobae folium (formerly: Folia Ginkgo bilobae).

Botanical description.Around 150 million years ago, Ginkgo biloba was probably widespread in Europe as well. This beautiful tree reaches a height of 30 m and forms a powerful crown. The leathery leaves have long petioles and are dissected into two lobes. Although, botanically, this plant is closely related to our conifers, its leaves fall every autumn. The yellow seeds have a woody pit. Ginkgo biloba is the only representative of the ginkgo family that has survived to this day. This plant is dioecious, since inconspicuous male and female strobili are placed on different trees. In Germany, ginkgo is not common, sometimes in parks or gardens, even less often in alleys. Most likely, he, like his other relatives, would have died out long ago if he had not been planted, cared for and revered in East Asia as a temple tree. Its leaves contain such active substances that we urgently need at the present time. Nevertheless, tea from its leaves is not prepared, but only excellent medical products are made.

Active ingredients: flavonoids, procyanidins and a number of other substances.

Healing action and application. The active ingredients of ginkgo leaves are used in the form of alcoholic extracts, which are used as a vasodilator to improve blood circulation, especially in deep arteries. The leading place is occupied by blood flow disorders with spastic pains. Ginkgo leaf extract also has a beneficial effect on blood vessels in diabetic patients. In older people, cerebral circulation improves, which is manifested in improved memory. Ginkgo stops the progression of atherosclerotic changes in the vascular system, eliminates sleep disorders in the elderly, who have increased nervousness from conventional sleeping pills and sedatives.

Side effects. There is no reason to fear side effects, including lowering blood pressure.

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