Great thigh – big thigh

Great thigh (Pimpinella major); big thigh


Perennial herbaceous bare rhizome plant of the celery (umbrella) family. The stem is straight, sharply ribbed, hollow, at the base during the flowering of the plant – with lateral rosettes of leaves, 40-100 cm high. The leaves are pinnately dissected, with ovate, large-serrated lobes. The flowers are small, white, 5-petalled, in complex umbrellas with 8-10 rays. The fruit is dicotyledonous. Blooms in July – September.

Spread. It occurs in forest and forest-steppe areas on the right bank, in the Carpathians in forest glades, on shrubs and in meadows.

Procurement and storage . Roots with rhizomes, which are harvested in autumn or early spring, are used. The excavated roots are washed with cold water and dried in the open air or in a heated room. 20% of dry raw materials are obtained.

The plant is unofficial.

Chemical composition . The rhizomes and roots contain essential oil, pimpineline, tannins, resins, starch, sugar, etc. Pharmacological properties and use. In folk medicine, the products of Bedrynets the Great are used as a hemostatic, sedative, pain reliever and expectorant. They have a calming effect on the nervous system, normalize the work of the heart. Medicinal forms and applications. Internally – root infusion (1 tablespoon of crushed roots per 400 ml of boiling water) half a glass 3-4 times a day; root tincture (in a ratio of 1:10, in 70% alcohol, infuse for 7 days) 15-20 drops 3-4 times a day.

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