periwinkle pink



Houseplant with dark green leaves. Flowers with crimson-pink or white corolla up to 5 cm in diameter, located on the tops of the shoots. The fruits are crescent-shaped, up to 5 cm long, and with small black seeds. It grows wild on the islands of Southeast Asia, cultivated in all tropical and subtropical states.

In the former USSR, pink periwinkle is an annual culture of the humid subtropics of the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. It is grown in the Gagra region.

Medicinal raw material is a herb. In periwinkle grass, up to 50 alkaloids that inhibit the process of cell division, and folic acid were found.

The use of vinalastin, vincristine, belonging to alkaloids, which, having antitumor activity *, delay cell division at the metaphase stage, is allowed. Vincristine is used in the complex therapy of acute leukemia in children in cases of diseases that are not amenable to other chemotherapeutic agents.

Folic acid is an effective product for treating anemia and impaired white blood cell production. It contains spinach, beans, red beets, carrots. This acid is involved in the processes of hematopoiesis, normalizes them, so it is successfully used for all kinds of blood diseases due to intoxication and radiation sickness. Available in tablets of 1.0 mg. Folic acid stimulates the formation of red blood cells in anemia. The best results are obtained with the combined use of folic and ascorbic acids.

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