Gelsemium viviparous, or yellow jasmine

Gentian – Gentianaceae.

Pharmacy name: yellow jasmine root (gelsemium root) – Gelsemii rhizoma (formerly: Rhizoma Gelsemii).

Botanical description. Climbing shrub with lanceolate petiolate leaves; white or yellowish fragrant flowers have a large bell-shaped corolla. It grows in the Atlantic part of North America.

Active ingredients: poisonous alkaloids (gelse-mycin, gelsemin, sempervirin, etc.), resin, essential oil, tannins.

Application. Very rarely in the form of finished products is used for whooping cough, migraine, angina pectoris (constrictive pain in the heart). In homeopathy, Gelsemium is used as a remedy for influenza, for nervous and muscular pains of an inflammatory nature and manifestations of paralysis.

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