Actinidia sinensis



Climbing vine up to 8 m tall; young shoots curly, pubescent with reddish hairs. The leaves are large, reddish-pubescent below. The flowers are orange-yellow, the stamens are numerous. Fruits are hemispherical, pubescent, fragrant, juicy, excellent taste. The fruits are consumed fresh and for processing.

It is known in the wild in the mountains of Western and Central China.

According to the content of vitamin C in the fruits of Chinese actinidia, it is almost equal to rose hips (10-15 times more than in lemon). Vitamins are well preserved when canning fruits.


In folk medicine of the Far East, the fruits are used as a prophylactic and therapeutic agent for scurvy, as well as for bleeding, tuberculosis and whooping cough. They are used fresh and canned, also for the preparation of jelly, marshmallows, compotes, syrups, wines, etc. Berries are well preserved frozen and dry.

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