Drum fingers (drum sticks)

Drum fingers (drum sticks) – bulb-shaped thickening of the terminal phalanges of the fingers, due to soft tissue hypertrophy and deformation of the nails.

The reasons

It is believed that this is due to a change in the vascularization of the nail bed, with the features of its capillaries.

It is also observed in congenital heart defects, protracted septic endocarditis, lung abscess, bronchiectasis, cavernous pulmonary tuberculosis, pleural empyema, tumors of the chest organs, cirrhosis of the liver, chronic ulcerative colitis and some other diseases, as well as a congenital phenomenon in practically healthy individuals.


The initial manifestation of the symptom is the flattening of the nails, which take the form of watch glasses.


First of all, it will be necessary to find out due to which disease the drum finger syndrome manifested itself. Based on the history, the doctor prescribes the appropriate treatment.

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how to learn to twist a drumstick in your fingers

Answer #1

you pinch the stick between 2, 3, or 3.4 – (ring) fingers! you create movement like scratching eggs.
And you will be happy!!!

Answer #2


Answer #3

Hang a small weight on a stick (you can use a fishing one) – your fingers, workin

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