Barley on the eye  is not just an uncomfortable and noticeable sore, it is a purulent inflammation. In this case, the extreme eyelid becomes inflamed, infection of the hair follicle or sebaceous gland occurs.

barley symptoms

Barley symptoms are hardly worth explaining popularly – they are known to many. The edge of the eyelid first itches, then a swelling appears, and after 2-4 days a yellowish head appears on its top. If it is opened, pus is released from there. Few people know how to properly treat barley. And only a few go to the doctor with this problem. Basically, prescriptions for treatment are collected by phone from girlfriends or in a smoking room. And what you just don’t hear from “good” advisers. Herbal lotions are good, but they also offer to treat urine! Perhaps reminding you that urine is body waste will stop you from making such a rash decision.

Causes of barley

To deal with the problem, it is logical to find out why it arose. It is generally accepted that barley appears due to hypothermia of the body. But in fact, it is caused by a bacterial infection, in other words, from dirt. He is not contagious. There are people who, for certain reasons, run the risk of catching more barley. Women are more likely to suffer from this disease than men. The explanation is simple – they touch their eyes more often when applying makeup. In this case, only simple hygiene rules will help – use only your own cosmetics, wash brushes and applicators for applying makeup. Children also get sick more often – also due to elementary non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene. It is highly likely to infect and “grow” barley if you use a dirty towel, rub your eyes with dirty hands, or if a mote has got in. People who are deficient in vitamins A, C, and B, who do not often go out into the fresh air, are also at greater risk than others. The appearance of barley is also associated with personal immunity and heredity. Barley, as it were, gives a signal that there are problems in your immune system. It is not often that the root cause can be a tick on the eyelashes – demodex, all kinds of chronic diseases, more often the gastrointestinal tract, diabetes mellitus.

Why is barley dangerous?

The danger arises only if it is not properly treated or diagnosed incorrectly. An attempt to squeeze out pus very often leads to the spread of infection through the blood vessels and can even end in meningitis (inflammation of the meninges) or blood poisoning (sepsis). And here already without serious treatment in the hospital can not do. It would seem that harmless thermal procedures can lead to serious consequences. And one more danger – other diseases can be hidden under the guise of barley. It can be, for example, a chalazion. It can only be cured by surgery. Also, under the guise of barley, tumors and cystic formations can be hidden.

Barley treatment

Of course, when barley appears, it is better to consult a doctor so as not to miss another disease. But emergency assistance, if you are sure that it is barley, you can provide yourself. First of all, do not carry out any cosmetic procedures, do not apply makeup. Do not squeeze or pierce the barley. At the very beginning of the process, until the barley is ripe, you can cauterize it with alcohol or an alcohol solution of brilliant green. Put special eye drops in your eyes. In the initial stage, you can also apply dry heat. You can put ointments containing sulfonamides and antibiotics behind the eyelids. If barley is accompanied by fever, then you can not do without the use of antibiotics inside. If you go to a doctor, then most likely you will be prescribed UHF therapy (if there is no temperature). She is the best way to deal with your problem. In the case of the spread of the process – increased soreness, redness, swelling, the appearance of elevated body temperature, swollen lymph nodes – a more powerful anti-inflammatory therapy using antibiotics and sulfanilamide products is recommended. And with massive processes, surgical intervention is indispensable. After surgical treatment, barley is unlikely to bother you again.

Prevention of barley

Prevention of barley is the observance of the rules of personal hygiene. Do not touch your eyes with dirty hands. You need to use only personal cosmetics and a personal towel. And of course, to maintain your own immunity – take vitamins, and then barley will no longer bother you.

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