cervical pregnancy

which the attachment and development of the ovum occur in the cervical canal.

There are true cervical pregnancy, when the placenta is located in the cervical canal, and cervical-isthmus pregnancy, characterized by the attachment of the placenta in the cervical canal and in the isthmus.

In these cases, it implants and begins to develop in the cervical canal.

The reasons

The causes of abnormal attachment of the ovum are endometritis, changes in the endometrium due to frequent induced abortions, repeated diagnostic curettage of the uterine mucosa. Tumors, cicatricial changes in the area of ​​the internal uterine os, and isthmicocervical insufficiency can contribute to the penetration of the fetal egg into the cervical canal.


There is bleeding that is life-threatening. Bleeding often appears in the first trimester of pregnancy. Not infrequently, profuse bleeding is preceded by occasional scanty spotting.


When making a diagnosis, the presence of signs of pregnancy (for example, the absence of menstruation) and the results of a vaginal, ultrasound examination are taken into account. The vaginal part of the cervix is ​​shortened, barrel-shaped, cyanotic, the external os is located eccentrically, its edges are sharply thinned. The shortened vaginal part of the cervix passes into the fetus – a soft formation, in size corresponding to the period of pregnancy. Above the fetus and somewhat to the side of it, the body of the uterus is palpated – dense, smaller than it should be during the expected period of pregnancy (sometimes the body of the uterus is falsely mistaken for a subserous myomatous node).


If a cervical pregnancy is suspected, the woman will need to be urgently hospitalized. The only method of treatment is an urgent surgical intervention – extirpation of the uterus. There are reports of the likelihood of suturing the fetus after the removal of the fetal egg. However, due to the risk of profuse bleeding, when removing the fetal egg, full readiness for laparotomy is necessary.

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