Phimosis is a narrowing of the skin of the foreskin of the penis, in which the glans penis is unbelievably exposed.

Phimosis can be physiological (normal) or pathological (abnormal), it can also be congenital or acquired.

Most often, phimosis is congenital. The so-called physiological phimosis or the improbability of opening the glans penis and complete displacement of the foreskin occurs in almost 96% of newborn boys, which usually disappears by 6-7 years. Another thing is acquired phimosis or loss of elasticity of the foreskin as a result of any diseases or injuries.

With phimosis, you can not expose the head of the penis. This eliminates the possibility of regular toileting. In addition to smegma, in the preputial sac (the space between the glans penis and the inner surface of the leaf of the foreskin), urine drops remain, which contain salt crystals and bacteria. All this creates ideal conditions for the development of the inflammatory process on the inner plane of the leaf of the foreskin and the glans penis.

Most often, pathological phimosis develops as a result of chronic inflammation of the glans penis and foreskin (balanitis, balanoposthitis), which can be caused, including sexually transmitted infections.

phimosis symptoms

  • The narrowing of the foreskin is determined, and it is unbelievable to expose the head of the penis, due to the formation of cicatricial phimosis.
  • Sometimes there is pain, discomfort during urination, under the pressure of urine, a “ball” at the end of the penis swells due to the improbability of the exposure of the glans penis. In this case, urine is excreted in a thin stream.
  • Hypertrophic phimosis, this disease is characterized by excessive foreskin, its thickening and loss of elasticity, which makes it difficult to completely remove the glans penis.
  • Pain during erection.

Treatment of phimosis

Prevention of phimosis is regular hygiene of the penis (at least 2 times a day), which consists in shifting the skin of the foreskin to the root of the penis and washing the head with water.

Surgical treatment of phimosis – circumcision. Circumcision is a surgical treatment for the excision of the skin of the foreskin, performed under local and general anesthesia.

After the operation, the intimate health of a man and a woman is not exposed to the risks described above. 

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