Cracked nipples

Cracked nipples. They are formed as a result of insufficiently good preparation of the mammary glands during pregnancy, improper feeding technique, hypovitaminosis, and a general weakening of the woman’s body.

The main symptoms of cracked nipples

Usually cracked nipples are found in the first week of lactation and can cause mastitis. Symptoms may include soreness, dryness, engorgement

Treatment of nipple cracks

You can buy a special cream, but you will need to carefully read the instructions, some of them require rinsing before breastfeeding. With cracks, breast pads can be used to reduce pain when eating. For very deep, non-healing cracks, your doctor may recommend stopping breastfeeding for a few days.

Prevention of nipple cracks

  • during pregnancy, it is recommended to wear bras made of dense linen fabrics;
  • subsequently, it will be necessary to put soft cotton pads on the nipple area in the bra and change them regularly in cases of spontaneous milk secretion between feedings, since high humidity can provoke skin damage and the development of pathogenic viruses;
  • air baths for the mammary glands;
  • retraction of flat nipples;
  • general ultraviolet exposure;
  • compliance with the rules for the care of the nipples and the mammary gland;
  • correct attachment of the baby to the breast so that it captures not only the nipple, but also the areola.

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