Injuries of the male genital organs

Injuries of the male genital organs mainly include tearing or tearing of the frenulum of the penis, scalping wounds, cutting, stabbing or biting wounds of the penis, contusion of the penis, subcutaneous rupture of the corpora cavernosa, dislocation of the penis, strangulation of the penis, injuries of the scrotum, testicular torsion .

Types of injuries of the male genital organs

The whole variety of damage can be divided into several groups:

  • Household injuries.
  • Sexual trauma.
  • Complications due to diseases.

Symptoms of injuries of the male genital organs

With a fracture, a click is heard, the penis becomes blue or black due to hemorrhage.

In severe trauma with rupture of the testicle or spermatic cord, shock, internal bleeding may develop, manifested by general weakness, pallor of the skin, a drop in blood pressure, etc.

A bruise is accompanied by severe pain in the penis, an increase in its size, swelling, hematoma

With any mechanical injury, pain, swelling, bleeding, etc. are likely.


It is necessary to apply a sterile bandage, after which the patient must be taken to a medical facility. Only there he will be able to provide qualified medical care.

Treatment tactics depend on the nature of the injury. The vast majority of injuries and injuries of the genital organs are treated surgically.

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