Eye injuries (foreign bodies, bruises, burns)

Injuries to the eyes and their auxiliary organs can be caused by exposure to mechanical, thermal, chemical damaging factors, as well as radiation injuries.


Eye injuries differ in nature depending on the circumstances under which the injury was received. Usually allocate industrial, domestic and military eye injuries.

foreign body

The cause of injury can be any foreign body that has entered the eye area. Causes pain and increased tearing.

First steps

Under no circumstances should you rub your eyes. Try to gently remove the speck with the tip of sterile gauze or a clean handkerchief and rinse the eye with plenty of running water, and best of all with tea.

Next, you will need to go for a consultation with an ophthalmologist. Especially if metal particles get into the eye, as they cause particularly serious complications.


A contusion, or as it is colloquially called an eye bruise, is the result of a blunt object hitting the eyeball. If with all this there are no penetrating wounds, rupture of the eyeball, then no consequences of a bruise may be felt at first. However, after some time, vision, suddenly, begins to fall.

First steps

The eye is such a delicate and complex organ that even minor injuries can cause severe complications. Therefore, in cases of eye injury, at first glance, even the easiest, you should not let everything take its course, self-medicate, but you should immediately contact an ophthalmologist.

Before going to the doctor, the main thing is to ensure complete rest for the damaged organ. It is necessary to try to exclude head turns, eye movements, and immediately stop all physical activity: lifting weights, tilting, sharp and fast movements. It is best to apply a sterile bandage of gauze or bandage to the injured eye.


In the workplace, the most common cause of such injuries is careless handling of hydrochloric or sulfuric acid. In household injuries, the most dangerous agent is vinegar essence or alkali, which enters the eye when a battery explodes. It is not uncommon to burn the eyes with steam, hot milk or boiling water, which lead to clouding of the cornea. In recent times, the number of victims of liquids from gas cartridges has increased, which, as a rule, includes some kind of acid.

A burn is one of the most terrible and dangerous types of traumatic injuries of the eye.

First steps

The consequences of such injuries are very serious. And therefore it is very important to start treatment immediately before going to the doctor. In this case, the count will go for seconds, that is, the sooner help and treatment begin, the better the prognosis and result will be in the future. As a rule, an eye burn causes acute burning pain, a desire to rub the eye, and put ice on the damaged organ. Under no circumstances should this be done. In case of burns, before medical attention, in no case should you use any eye ointments. This applies to all types of burns without exception: thermal, caused by a flame, chemical, arising from exposure to acid and alkaline products, burns from electric welding and electrical short circuits.

What should be done in the first minutes if a poisonous liquid gets into the eye? It is necessary to rinse the eye as thoroughly as possible. And not five or ten minutes, but for thirty or forty minutes to get rid of the chemical agent that got into the conjunctival cavity.

Then it is necessary to wash the eye with a diluted slightly chilled tea brew. Tea, both black and green, is rich in tannins and disinfectants, and it will certainly alleviate pain. A cool compress of tea on the eyelids will help relieve acute pain. By the way, this is an effective remedy for both mechanical damage and inflammatory processes.

Remember that any form of eye burn requires immediate medical attention.

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