Toxicosis of pregnant women

Toxicosis of pregnant women is a violation of the process of adaptation of the body to pregnancy, a manifestation of a special perverse reaction of the woman’s body to pregnancy.

Toxicosis is etiologically associated with pregnancy. After childbirth (or abortion), all manifestations of toxicosis traditionally completely disappear; long-term consequences are observed only after severe and long-term forms of these diseases.

Varieties of toxicosis

A number of classifications of toxicosis of pregnant women are proposed, of which the most acceptable is their division into two large groups:

    • Early toxicosis that occurs in the first half of pregnancy (traditionally in the first 1-3 months);
    • Late toxicosis , developing in the second half of pregnancy (more often in the last 2-3 months).

Causes of toxicosis

The list of hormones produced by the placenta includes placental lactogen. It has a very active effect on metabolism (metabolism) – it increases the mobilization of fatty acids and reduces protein synthesis in a woman’s body. Thus, the supply of amino acids that go to the “construction” of children’s tissues increases. As a result, the placenta and the fetus begin to “manage” the metabolism of the mother’s body, forcing them to satisfy their needs.

These processes, and besides, all growing, cause maladjustment: the inability of the body to adapt to its “new position”. This is the toxicosis of the 1st half of pregnancy.

The main symptoms of toxicosis

Early toxicoses include: weakness, irritability, drowsiness, weight loss, vomiting (mild form, moderate vomiting, excessive vomiting), salivation (ptyalism).

Late toxicoses of pregnant women are as follows: dropsy, neuropathy, preeclampsia, eclampsia.

Rare forms of toxicosis include: dermatoses, bronchial asthma, jaundice, tetany, osteomalacia of pregnant women. These diseases can occur in the first and second half of pregnancy.

Treatment of toxicosis

With the appearance of the first symptoms, contact an obstetrician-gynecologist (treatment of early toxicosis is carried out in a antenatal clinic.). Usually, therapy started on time allows you to quickly eliminate troubles. During this period, walks are very useful.

Prevention of toxicosis

Experts advise not to overload the body, eat small portions, and the food must be non-hot and enjoyable. Weigh yourself regularly, and if the weight drops sharply, this is a distress signal.

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