Stomatitis is the collective name for diseases of the oral mucosa. Most often, the disease begins in early childhood.

Why do stomatitis appear?

This can be the result of various injuries: chemical (exposure to acids and alkalis, including household ones), temperature (for example, exposure to hot food), physical (for example, prolonged sucking of a hard nipple, changes in bite, teething), as well as the presence of infectious diseases, poor hygiene, prolonged use of medicinal products.

Most often, infectious stomatitis appears. They are caused by microorganisms that are normally located on the plane of the mucous membrane and are opportunistic (inactive). When the body is weakened as a result of taking antibacterial products or if the immune system is impaired, they are activated.

How not to miss stomatitis or confuse it with other diseases?

The main manifestations are: an increase in body temperature up to 39–40 ° C, an increase in lymph nodes, refusal to eat due to pain and a general deterioration in the condition. The mucous membrane itself becomes bright red, swollen. Painful rashes (aphthae, erosion, sores) are found on the inner plane of the cheeks and lips. If it is herpetic stomatitis, then they can be on the skin within the mouth. If this is fungal stomatitis, then a plaque will appear similar to curdled milk. The person is thirsty, saliva becomes frothy. Chips loved by children can be the cause of the disease, as they contain a lot of carbohydrates, which contributes to the rapid reproduction of viruses.

Why would you need to see a doctor?

Treatment of such diseases begins with the establishment of the causes that caused stomatitis. A qualified specialist can make a correct diagnosis. In the absence of treatment or self-treatment, the transition of the disease to a chronic form is possible, as well as the worsening of the course of the disease. If you find one of the signs of stomatitis, you will need to urgently contact a dentist. One of the simple and important methods of preventing stomatitis is the observance of elementary rules of hygiene.

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