Sopor – a deep depression of consciousness, which is manifested by drowsiness with the preservation of coordinated protective reactions to pain, opening the eyes to a sharp sound or pain, preservation of vital functions or their moderate change in one of the parameters.

The reasons

A soporous condition is observed in traumatic, vascular, inflammatory, tumor and toxic lesions of the brain. It can occur with various types of craniocerebral injuries, but more often with concussion of the brain of moderate and severe degree.


The patient does not respond to the environment, does not perform any tasks, does not answer questions. It is possible to bring the sick person out of the soporous state with great difficulty, using gross pain effects (pinches, injections, etc.), while the patient has mimic movements that reflect suffering, and other motor reactions are possible as a response to painful irritation.

Swallowing saved.


Examination reveals a decrease in muscle tone of the limbs, inhibition of tendon reflexes; the reaction to light of the pupils may be sluggish, but the corneal reflexes are preserved. Depending on the nature and degree of brain damage, symptoms of pyramidal insufficiency appear (paresis, Babinsky’s symptom, etc.).


In case of a soporous condition caused by impaired cerebral circulation or concussion and other neurological diseases, the sick person will need to be put to bed. Dehydrating agents are administered (20 ml of 40% glucose solution intravenously, 10 ml of 2.4% solution of aminophylline with 10 ml of 40% glucose solution intravenously slowly or 1-2 ml of 12% solution of aminophylline intramuscularly, 10 ml of 25% magnesium sulfate solution intramuscularly, 50 mg hypothiazide orally) and vasodilators (1-2 ml of 2% papaverine solution subcutaneously, 1 ml of 1% nicotinic acid solution intravenously).

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